Megan Thee Stallion Blast Kentucky AG  Edit

​Megan Thee Stallion is advocating for the preservation of black women on Saturday Night Live.
While she has had a rough past few months with her sustaining wounds from the remnants of a gunshot .  Read More..

Rihanna Flames IG Troll After Celebrating Her Melanin Magic

Bajan superstar Rihanna has been kept busy for the better part of the last five years with her successful Fenty brand, which has expanded to skincare. The singer who says skincare had always been in the plans for Fenty has displayed an unparalleled commitment to the line, constantly dedicating her Instagram tiles to promoting its latest offerings.  Read More..

Grammy Kid Koffee Named MasterCard Brand Ambassador In Jamaica

Koffee’s accolades continue to grow in an era when the music industry is getting decimated by the Coronavirus pandemic. In January this year, Koffee became the youngest reggae/dancehall act to win a Grammy award when she picked up a trophy for Best Reggae Album for her debut project, Rapture. Copping a Grammy helped elevate her profile on the international scene, and since then, its been a never-ending streak of wins for the young reggae star.

Lesley Seale Talks Art, Dance & COVID-19  

My name is Lesley Seale and I am a visual artist and also a member of the Multifarious Dance Crew.

What's new with Lesley Seale?

Well, let's start from early this year when I began to work at an establishment where I knew I didn't want to stay because it was a means to an end, a place holder until I could work at the NIFCA Art Exhibition once again. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic arose and quickly halted my plans for the year. Due to some serious complications with the job I made the decision ... read more

The concept behind the song ‘Own Ting’ is really and truly…. read more 


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